Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Texture is an element of art.
def. The surface quality or feel of an object. (ex. roughness, smoothness, or softness)
*Actual Texture - can be felt
*Implied or Simulated Texture- creating the visual effect of texture without actually adding texture.

 I chose both pictures because normally when you think of hennah or lips you think of them as flat and not 3D. The hennah in the first picture look thick with some grains on the the back of the hand. Its unexpected and is very tempting to reach out and touch, just to see how it feels, or to mush the paint together. In the second photo, the grains are thick and hard. The lips look edible and more appealing because the clarity on the individual grains create an intensity.

These photos give a different feeling and are a lot more glam and appealing than the flat and smooth texture they usually give (see below). They look a lot less traditional.

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