Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Shade is an element of art.
def. the contrast between light and dark values within an image for creative effect or emphasis.
  • Needed to express volume or a sense of three-dimensionality.
  • Can often indicate a light source in an image.


I chose this first photo because the extreme lighting and play of shadows create a lot of intrest and mystery, which add to the story of the editorial. The main lighting is probably coming from an angle beneath the the model, which is strangely unusual. Also, the dark shadows hide the models face and cover her in weird areas, like half her hand, which creates dimension and added interest - playing into her character.

I chose this photo because while it also has extreme lighting, it is used in complete contrast. There are virtually no shadows on the model which brighten up the clothes and the choice of colour - red - is the focal point. The lack of shadows is more inviting and commercial friendly as the model has nothing to hide. This is a good advertising strategy as it attracts more buyers and highlights all of the clothes to be sold.

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