Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Space is an element of art.
def. The areas around, between or within shapes. Space can be positive or negative. Space can show depth or give the appearance of objects being three dimensional in artwork by using perspective techniques.
  • Positive Space- the actual objects or shapes in artwork
  • Negative Space - the space around and between objects in artwork

An easy way to spot space is to look at the horizon level. The horizon level can distribute the positive and negative space evenly or it there can be more positive space than negative space and vice verca.

 I love this picture because it was taken by an average blogger so what the photographer did to the horizon was probably by accident. Most horizon levels are level and help to balance the picture. In this picture the horizon level is higher than normal and is tilted. This dramatically changes the outlook of the picture because the girl's dress has bold black lines that represent stillness and security. The offbalance of the dress and horizon level make the viewer feel like something is missing and slightly off balance but it's the combination that works together.
MORE INSPIRATION (using horizons):

Normally centering the subject of your photo tends to be boring and "average". Most people with a camera are never educated on rule of thirds (a compositional technique that makes photos more interesting and dynamic) which is why they always center their friends or object. This photo is amazing because the centering the model looks regal or of a higher class in the theatre box. Also, the framing another compositional technique helps to center the model; the main attraction.

^ more framing.

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