Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Balance is a principle of art.
Symmetrical - perfect visual image or equal visual weight (ex. apple + orange)
  • elements are equally weighted or distributed on either side of a central vertical axis.
  • "mirror image"
Asymmetrical - unequal arrangement -creates feeling of tension or imbalance
  • attracts and holds your attention
This photo is a great example of symmetry. The face is perfectly framed by the hair and the make up and facial expression are very neutral which doesn't take away from the "focal point" the hair.

I'm in love with this photo. The feeling evokes an edge and playfulness. The 3 blondes have similar hairstyles and dark clothing but the far left model attracts the viewers attention for unbalancing the photo. She is a fresh breath of air and reminds me of someone who would have "a secret"

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