Monday, December 3, 2012

Best Scene Titanic

I believe this is one of the greatest romantic scenes in a movie. Its cheeky but it doesn't "over do it". I love the facial expressions of Leonardo DiCaprio. Now that I look back at the movie Rose looks like a pervert because he looks way too young. Regardless of that fact the lighting and the cuts are amazing. In the beginning when Rose is in front of Jack starting to strip they immediately cut to a shot from the back (pictured as my first drawing).

first scene: Rose has stripped. You can see Leonardo's shocked reaction in front of her.
Second scene: Close up of Rose looking at Leonardo. (with a lot of confidence i should say)
Third scene: Medium shot of leonardo looking at Rose again
Fourth scene: Rose goes to lie down to position herself.

Fifth scene: Leonardo directs Rose into an aesthetically pleasing postion to recreate her in.

Can we all have personal nude models to inspire from? I know Terry Richardson does and Helmet Neuton once had many at an abundance. 

Week 10 - Expressionist Drawing Techniques

In my last post about proportions I drew this model very slim and flattering. 
I feel as though these sharp strokes suit her vibe a bit more as she was a bit androgynous.

LOL i had fun with this one. When do i ever make hands when i don't have to?
Its all about beautiful ugly mistakes and I made the model look like an beautiful organic alien who just happens to be pregnant. Believe it or not this is kind of what i thought of her. Model from the back but an unexpected bump in the front.

my expressionist scribble technique. 3 different perspectives.
Its kind of humorous and awfully intriguing. 
Maybe because my thoughts and my drawings generally tend to be polar opposites.

Best 3 "first" expressionist drawings

I do remember being told to hand in our top 3 of this style. One man...various techniques.
Also, I would also like to add that I'm glad I did this in charcoal and not pencil it just has a much more dynamic effect than pencil ever could. Sadly, because i'm not familiar with the medium there is minor smudging on all of them. 

technique used - hard THICK strokes

medium to long strokes

Its amazing how the change of stroke could immediately make the character look much more caring and warm.

I love this the best although this picture does not give it justice.
I love that it almost has a graffiti quality to it.
I used 3 "long potatoes" to create a more unified look.
(with flash)

without flash.

Week 8- Model Drawing Proportions

Not too sure about this week...if its meant to be "exaggerating" proportions or drawing them accurately.
I included both.

the model is slightly elongated here to emphasize her slenderness

Week 7 - Clock Drawing and Measurements

drawing of a student across the room using the pencil technique

My hand using the clockwork technique (flash)

My hand using the clockwork technique (without flash)

pencil technique of nude model

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Worst Scene of Titanic - Alternate Solution

I believe that this was one of the worst scenes in ironically one of the best movie's ever, Titanic.
In this ending scene after the Titanic sinks both main characters grab onto a floating raft, hoping to find a lifeline or help as they in danger of being stranded in the ocean.

My alternate scene actually kind of changes the ending which probably isn't a very good thing for most but I do have an explanation. I was very young when i watched the Titanic. I watched with a couple of family members but what i remember clearly is asking my cousin, "Will anyone die." This was an important question because i had heard it was a tragic movie but I wanted to prepare myself. I kidd you not that up until Jack was sinking into the depths of the murky water and Rose is blowing the whistle to get the attention of a near boat I'm screaming at my cousin, "IS HE GOING TO DIE? IS HE GOING TO DIE?"until finally, "OMG, YOU SAID HE WASN'T GOING TO DIE YOUR SUCH A LIAR!" I also imagine that here is where i may have started sobbing.

With all of that said I thought that since the raft was MASSIVE (honestly take another look at the movie) Jack could get onto the raft first with Rose getting on top of him to use their body heat to warm up. I also considered having them switch routinely but I ended up with this solution.

Jack and Rose beside the raft.

Jack climbs on first and helps Rose to get on the raft.
Jack: I'll help you up

Its kind of an intimate situation as they try to balance their bodies on the raft with Jack trying to keep them balanced.

A close up of Rose on top of Jack.
Rose: "Not the most romantic of situations but at least we'll create body heat"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 3 - Top 3 Inclass Sketches

Don't mind the timing of this. I thought i had posted this but instead i had uploaded the photos and put my computer to sleep -______-

Week 2 - Top 3 Inclass Sketches

This week we sketched in the form of silhouettes. I think that using a mechanical pencil was my downfall as I didn't have as much room to cover each silhouette. However, I have to chuckle at my crazy swirling techniques :P

Week 1 - Top 3 Inclass Sketches

Ok. So maybe I didn't use as many shapes as I could but in my other sketches i literally ONLY had shapes. I think that these were the best overall and although it is hard for me to break down objects into their basics...I made a nice attempt.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Balance and LIne


Mr. Sebastian you know how confident i am with my drawings but here I tried my best to make my cat with a big curved line


Here is my second attempt. Not sure if i got the character as exact but i tried to make the arms dynamic

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Animation Characters

I may not be the best sketcher but I did try my best to make interesting interpretations of famous cartoon characters that we are so used to seeing.

Cute Character 

Goofy Character

(more like ODD ball. LOL)

Evil Character
(buddha like...)

A Cubist Idea - 18 thumbnails of a mannequin model and a stiletto

Sometimes i don't realize how complicated my ideas are until i start to execute them. The stiletto was a bit complicated to draw but i did my best. I had fun with my mannequin. It was an interesting shape and design.