Monday, December 3, 2012

Best Scene Titanic

I believe this is one of the greatest romantic scenes in a movie. Its cheeky but it doesn't "over do it". I love the facial expressions of Leonardo DiCaprio. Now that I look back at the movie Rose looks like a pervert because he looks way too young. Regardless of that fact the lighting and the cuts are amazing. In the beginning when Rose is in front of Jack starting to strip they immediately cut to a shot from the back (pictured as my first drawing).

first scene: Rose has stripped. You can see Leonardo's shocked reaction in front of her.
Second scene: Close up of Rose looking at Leonardo. (with a lot of confidence i should say)
Third scene: Medium shot of leonardo looking at Rose again
Fourth scene: Rose goes to lie down to position herself.

Fifth scene: Leonardo directs Rose into an aesthetically pleasing postion to recreate her in.

Can we all have personal nude models to inspire from? I know Terry Richardson does and Helmet Neuton once had many at an abundance. 

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