Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Colour is an element of art.
It has 3 distinctive qualities:
  • Hue - name of the colour
  • Intesity - quality or brightness of each hue (saturation)
  • Value - lightness to darkness
Colour can draw attention and produce a strong emotion or physical impact on the audience.


Celebrities are always ready to start a new trend. The 4 top female superstars have all tried to trend a i wash my hair with kool-aid trend. In this photo, you can clearly identify the different hues: red, yellow, blue, pink. This photo is influencial because these are icons that start the trends most people want to imitate.



The values of the colours have been changed in the second picture to look more appealing. The intensity of the colours look rich and inviting in the second photo but dull and less than appetizing in the first photo. The changing of the values in the dessert was an affective choce that will affect viewers feelings about the dessert.


This photo of J. Cole from Complex is an amazing example of combining colour and other elements. Without knowing anything about him the viewer can assume he is playful, fun, calm, cool, and collected. There is nohing intimidating about this photo, although he is the main focus and is in his "shades in the club" pose, the shapes in the photo are almost like toys and are welcoming. Easily making him approachable and relatable.

Please Note: While these inspirations are colourful and evoke good feelings and playfulness. LACK of colour can produce the opposite reaction.

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