Monday, August 5, 2013

Worst Scene - Precious

This Scene is in the middle of the movie @ 0:47 mins. I understand this is incomplete. 

Basically in the scene, precious and her mom recieve a visit from a social worker. What didn't work in this scene is that it was the most stagnant scene. The camera angles were alternates of these 3 sketches with the main one being the second (mother and social worker on the couch). I viewed it as being very stagnant and it was only after i rewatched the scene with sound that I realized all that was going on.

The fact that the situation was awkward for the family due to the lack of intrest from Precious' mother and the disconnect as a family unit I think the scene could have benefited from: different angles, close up of facial expression (to better emphasize Precious' uncomfort and her mothers evil glares) and the social worker and the mother in different attire. The mostly black attire and ghastly makeup was very jarring and didn't fit. A more professional silhouette and or a bold colour ( like Precious normally wears) could have helped.

I also think it would have helped if the social worker was in a better light rather than dark and drabby. 

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