Monday, July 8, 2013

Cubist thumbnails (summer course)

Here we go again cubist thumbnails round 2. Its my second Time taking this course and therefore, my second time doing this assignment (Two fist pumps for finishing on time/early). Thankfully, this time I'm starting myself on the right track.

Below are pictures of my inspiration (my dining room chandelier/lamp)

Although it wasn't necessary to take so many pictures or our object I thought it might be useful due to its many twists and angles. Also, I ended up drawing mostly from these pictures 

Below us an overview of my sketches

Who knew I'd ever draw with marker or on such a big sketch book? Whatever works right? Cheers to trying new things. Just because I'm not the greatest artist doesn't mean when I draw I don't need visual space for my ideas. Also, marker helps for perfectionist that get too hard on themselves for nitt picky details. It allows me to move on and complete what I'm doing versus erasing everything.

Below I've added the close ups of each sketch:


#2 (edit - not sure if this counts)
this is what i intended to do. Not the blog down below


i thought this would look cool with colour to show where they over lap but...*shrugs*

i wish this was a bit more symmetrical


played with boxes and shapes.









i hope this is not too hard to see. 
patterns using dots technique and pencil.



(edited. i liked the effect of overlapping lines in such contrasting colours but it didn't turn out as i planned here)



I swear i was not trying to make a face. 
It happened by accident. I only saw it at the end.
*shaded bell was part of rough not necessarily apart of this design.



these would be either some dangerous jellyfish or cool lamps.


last but not least! 
This time i did attempt to make recognizable face shapes using the geometric shapes and lines in the lamp. I also coloured them in to add character and further animate them.

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