Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Save the Frogs - Drawing Brainstorms

Hello Fred (and anyone else in the world). I thought this might be the best place to just write anything short i needed to about the sketches since they are quite rough. 

the relatable details of the assignment and what the frog should look like are here:
**It is a SAVE the Frogs (or butterflies) campaign. She want's "The imagery should contain simplified flattened shapes with texture or pattern. The style influence can be based on primitivism, embellished styles or a combination of both. Or find you own influences that contain similar characteristics."
^ here i was just place with form using lines and shapes
it's interesting but obviously very rough

I liked this cropped image
*i play with a lot of lines and spirals

there is a bunch of drawings on top of this from my critique with june. 
Critique: more realistic with proportions and shapes
Me: since it's a save the frogs poster i thought a inner skeleton of the frog would be a bold graphic

^ just playing around with spirals and forms. 
nothing concrete but i do like using spirals

* i can see how the proportions are very much off. it's almost like a man.
june drew over it and mentioned about the proportions again

i thought this was fun.
june likes the top half...bottom (rough) not so much

ENTIRELY ROUGH - just brainstorming forms with a radial sun in the center of the frog with spirals connecting

just playing with shapes.
Not sure if it has to be in triangles but i was thinking it could be graphic and bold like above
or using primary colours and building blocks in a sort of "back to basics way" to remember where we started from (nature). I don't know...i was trying to think of advertising ideas as i was drawing.

i like this. because it originally was very rough i went over it with pencil to draw more details although i haven't finished. June likes this but prefers it to be a more realistic and proportional in its positioning x____X

I'm very curious as to what you think of these. I'm not asking you to spend a lot of time deciphering what this is or isn't as you do have your own work and students to look after BUT i really respect you opinion and am very gracious to you for being very constructive in your criticism. I'd appreciate anything you can or do say

thank you